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"Listing of LTT series in correct reading order"
LAST EDITED ON Sep-21-08 AT 10:42 PM (EST)
Calhoun - Silhouette Romance #580 (1988)
Justin - Silhouette Romance #592 (1988)
Tyler - Silhouette Romance #604 (1989)
Sutton's Way - Silhouette Romance #670 (1989)
Ethan - Silhouette Romance #694 (1990)
Connal - Silhouette Romance #741 (1990)
Harden - Silhouette Romance #783 (1991)
Evan - Silhouette Romance #819 (1991)
Donavan - Silhouette Romance #843 (1992)
Emmett - Silhouette Romance #910 (1992)
Regan's Pride - Silhouette Romance #1000 (1994)
That Burke Man - Silhouette Desire #0913 (1995)
"Redbird" - Abduction & Seduction (1995)
Coltrain's Proposal - Silhouette Romance #1103 (1996)
"Paper Husband" - Husbands on Horseback (1996)
A Long Tall Texan Summer (1997)
"Christmas Cowboy" - Lone Star Christmas (1997)
The Princess Bride (1998) - Silhoutte Romance #1282 (1998)
Beloved - Silhouette Desire #1189 (1999)
Callaghan's Bride - Silhouette Romance #1355 (1999)
Love with a Long, Tall Texan (1999)
Matt Caldwell: Texas Tycoon - Silhouette Special Edition #1297 (2000
A Man of Mean's- Silhouette Desire #1429 (2002)
LionHearted- Silhouette Romance #1631 (2002)
Man in Control- Silhouette Desire #1537 (2003)
Cattleman's Pride- Silhouette Romance #1718 (2003)
Founding Father- Historical (2003)-Techinally this book should come first because it is how the town of Jacobsville got started.
Carrera's Bride- Silhouette Special Edition #1645 (2004)
Boss Man- Silhouette Desire #1688 (2005)
Heartbreaker (sept 2006) Sil Desire- J.B. Hammock and Tellie Maddox
Some of The following books are not Long Tall Texan's but they do tie in with them . and some of them are LTT books: They are in correct reading order
Once in Paris (1998) - Pierce Hutton & Brianne Martin
Paper Rose (1999) - Tate Winthrop & Cecily Blake
Lord of the Desert (2000) - Philippe Sabon & Gretchen Brannen
Mercenary’s Woman (2000)- Ebenezar Scott & Sally Johnson
The Texas Ranger (2001) - Marc Brannon & Josette Langley
The Winter Soldier (2001) Cy Park's and Lisa Monroe
The Last Mercenary (2001) Micca Steel and Callie Kirby
**note***A Man of Mean's and Lion Hearted from the LTT list can be read here for correct reading order.
With a Southern Touch- “ Garden Cop” (2002) - Curt Russell & Mary Ryan
Desperado (2002) - Cord Romero & Maggie Barton
Lawless (2003)- Judd Dunn & Christabel (Chrissy) Gaines
Renegade (2004) - Cash Grier & Tippy Moore
Outsider (2006) Colby Lane and Sarina Carrington
Lawman (2007) Garon Grier
Winter Roses (2007)Stuart and Ivy
Iron Cowboy (2008) Jared Cameron and Sara Dobbs
Fearless (2008)Rodrigo Ramirez and Glory anne Barnes
Heart of Stone(2008) Boone Sinclair and Keeley Welsh

Stephanie sent me the following LTT list that includes some of the other books including the most wanted series:

LTT reading order w/ other books

*A Hero's Kiss - (book: The Founding Father) (2003) Prequel
*Calhoun (1988)
*Justin (1988)
*Tyler (1988)
*Sutton's Way (1989)
*Ethan (1990)
*Connal (1990)
*Harden (1991)
*Evan (1991)
*Donavan (1992)
----#The Case of the Mesmerizing Boss (1992) (Emmett and Logan are cousin's)
----#The Case of the Confirmed Bachelor (1992)
----#The Case of the Missing Secretary (1992) (Christopher Deverall and Logan are brothers)
*Emmett (1993)
*Regan's Pride (1994)
*That Burke Man (1995)
*Redbird (book: Lone Star Christmas) (1995)
----The Patient Nurse (1997) (mentions band Desperado from Sutton's Way and Redbird)
*Coltrain's Proposal (1995)
*Paper Husband (book: Husbands on Horseback) (1996)
*Tom Walker (LLT Summer) (1997)
*Drew Morris (LLT Summer) (1997)
*Jobe Dodd (LLT Summer) (1997)
*Christmas Cowboy (book: Lone Star Christmas) (1997) (Hart Brothers 1/5)
*The Princess Bride (Feb 1998)
-@-Once in Paris (Nov 1998)
----The Savage Heart (1998) (Paper Rose's Tate's Grandparents)
-@-Paper Rose (Oct 1999)
*Beloved (Dec 1999) (Hart Brothers 2/5)
*Callaghan's Bride (Feb 1999) (Hart Brothers 3/5)
----Rawhide and Lace (1986) (goes w/ Unlikely Lover)
----Unlikely Lover (1986) (Belinda is Ward's sister from Luke Craig)
*Luke Craig (Love with a LLT) (July 1999)
*Christopher Deverell (Love with a LLT) (July 1999)
*Guy Fenton (Love with a LLT) (July 1999)
*Matt Caldwell: Texas Tycoon (Feb 2000)
---$Soldier of Fortune (1985)
---$The Tender Stranger (1985)
---$Enamored (1988)
---$Mercenary's Woman (May 2000)
-@-Lord of the Desert (Oct 2000)
---$The Winter Soldier (March 2001)
-@-The Texas Ranger (Aug 2001)
---$The Last Mercenary (sept 2001)
*A Man of Means (April 2002) (Hart Brothers 4/5)
-@- Garden Cop (book: With a Southern Touch) (June 2002)
-@-Desperado (July 2002)
*Lionhearted (December 2002) (Hart Brothers 5/5)
----Noelle (1993) (Lawless's Jared Dunn's Grandparents)
-@-Lawless (July 2003)
----His Girl Friday (1989) (goes w/ Hunter)
----Hunter (1990) (Ritter Oil, appears in Man in Control)
*Man in Control (October 2003)
*Cattleman's Pride (May 2004)
-@-Renegade (Aug 2004) (Grier Brothers 1/?)
*Carrera's Bride (November 2004)
*Boss Man (November 2005)
-@-Outsider (July 2006)
*Heartbreaker (September 2006)
* = LTT
---- = books assoc w/ a LTT
----# = Most Wanted Series
---$ = Soldiers of Fortune
-@-= Mira/HQN

Debbie sent this to me. These books are not listed above because they are not part of the LTT books but they do tie in with them so we are going to add them here. Thanks Debbie.

In reading my LTT collection I find that Betrayed by Love should go before LLT Summer Tom Walker this one is about his sister; very good book. Also Myster Man should be listed after The Last Mercenary and True Colors should be added before Carrear's Bride.
Hope this will help; fantastic series but very hard to figure out the reading order. List posted has helped tremendously.


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