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Subject: "Trying to remember a book?" Archived thread - Read only
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Feb-25-09, 06:40 PM (EST)
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"Trying to remember a book?"
   Does anyone remember reading a book that the lead character of the book was a veterinarian named Lindsay. She had 2 cousins and a grandfather in the book. The grandfather was always trying to get the girls married off. He owned stock in this guy's company and invited him and his best friend(think his name was Steve)to visit him. They come upon a wreck and the vet was there and he pulls her away from a horse trailor thinking that she is a young person. They later get engaged and he gives her this diamond ring that the best friend Steve calls Hunters Folly. The best friend and one of the cousins end up getting engaged also. I think the book may have been an Avalon book because I remember checking it out from the local library where I lived when I was a teenager. If anyone can remember the name or the author I would love to know it.


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