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Subject: "Why are they reissuing..." Archived thread - Read only
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Cath B
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Oct-18-10, 02:08 AM (EST)
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"Why are they reissuing..."
   WHY are they re-issuing books like Renegade (again)..???? This is the second time (in paperback) that its been released (in early 2011 see upcoming releases).. its not fair..We want the older books re-issued. I KNOW Renegade was a fab book but there are older books which are out of print which cost SOOOOO much to buy second hand.


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Oct-18-10, 06:01 AM (EST)
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1. "RE: Why are they reissuing..."
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Apparently, Cash's story must be popular. Go figure? I agree with you about them needing to reissure earlier books no one can find. I'm hoping that they realize we don't want the books that was released in the 90's and 2000. How about her earlier books? The ones I need.

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