Blind Promises

January 19, 2015

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A big blond bear of a man… with a bear’s growl!

Her new patient, Gannon van der Vere, had run off his last four nurses. But, determined to live up to the strength of her name, Dana Steele refused to be intimidated. A powerful entrepreneur until a devastating accident left his future in doubt, Gannon raged at all who approached. Dana hoped to light a candle in his darkness-and to escape from the shadows in her own past. But when she fell in love with her curmudgeonly employer, Dana’s challenge was no longer strictly professional. Could prayer and persistence bring them both to a new dawn?

Originally published May 1999 in mass market paperback Love Inspired #61 and and numerous Silhouette/Harlequin reissues. Rewritten in 2017 as UNDAUNTED, part of the Long, Tall, Texans series