Diamond in the Rough

Men of Medicine Ridge Book 3
September 1, 2013
Bestselling Author Collection e-Book

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John Callister and his brother had built a ranching empire in Montana.They’d made their fortune—and they’d made Callister a household name. But now John wants something he can call his own. So he starts over—without the Callister name—vowing to polish a run-down spread in the small, sleepy town of Hollister into a jewel.

But the jewel he uncovers isn’t a ranch. Sassy Peale is pretty and shy with far too much responsibility on her small shoulders. She has nothing of value—except her trust, her faith and her love, all of which she offers, without reservation, to him. As John Callister, he could easily give Sassy and her little family a better life. But Sassy knows him only as a simple ranch foreman. How can he tell her that he can give her all she ever wanted, and in the same breath admit that everything she knows about him is a lie?

Originally published April 2009 in Harlequin Romance #4087.

This edition also includes FALLING FOR MR. DARK & DANGEROUS by Donna Alward.

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