Long, Tall Texans Book 8
September 1, 1991

Out of Print


Ever since she could remember, Anna Cochran had been passionately, shamelessly in love with tall, strapping Evan Tremayne. But the stubborn man refused to take innocent Anna seriously. To Evan, Anna would always be in need of protection from rough-and-tumble cowboys like him! Yet he couldn’t deny she awoke a fierce, restless yearning in his hardened heart, and Anna soon proved more of a threat to his peace of mind than Evan could ever have predicted. The lovely lady was determined… and Evan was stymied. What should he protect first? A tender rose in bloom… or a Texas bachelor’s virtue?

Evan was also published June 1997 within Long Tall Texans III anthology in mass market paperback and February 2004 within Men of the West anthology in trade paperback.


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